Managing your credit cards has never been this easy.

All your cards, in one app.
Hasle Free. Tension Free.


Late payment fees?
No more.

With Finory, you get notified 3 times before your due date. So that you can stop paying those late fees. and with 3 reminders, you get to wait "till the last moment" to manage your cash flow and still avoid paying late fees.


All your cards in one view.

Add all your cards to Finory and forget about your pdf statements. No need to store pdfs, search through emails to look for due dates, minimum due amount etc. With Finory, you can have all info at your finger tip.


View in-depth card details with a single tap.

No need to go down the rabbit hole finding your bank's PDF. Just select the card you added into Finory, and voilà — all the details you need. Analyse your monthly usage with our parsed transaction report, find useful insights on your credit card usage with our analytics

Finory Privacy

Your privacy and security is our priority.

We continuously invest in security upgrades, and we protect your data and privacy like our business depends on it - because it does.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can your staff read my Credit Card statement?
No. Your statement is only read and parsed by our system. No human is required to read or access your statement. Our system automatically deletes the source statement after parsing.
Is there any risk to my Credit Card being wrongly used if your system is hacked?
No. We purposely do not store any Personally Identifiable Information (PPI). Also the statement doesn't include information such as Expiry Date, CVV No and we do not parse account name and full account number.
Will you sell my data to banks or other institutions?
No. We do not and will not sell your data or share your data with banks or other institutions. Plus, we are fully compliant with Malaysian PDPA laws and regulations. Your privacy and security is our top priority.
Where do I get my statement and how do I send it to Finory?
Your bank will usually email you a password protected statement every month. You need to add the Credit Card statement password in our app and simply forward to the email address generated by our app. Then our system will parse and process your data automatically.
Do I need to forward my latest statement every month?
Yes. We only parse data based on PDF Statement. We do not have access to your e-banking via API or screen capturing method. As a result, if you want to get reminder about your latest statement and analyse those data, you will have to forward your statement.
Where are you located? Where is your base of operation?
We are based in Klang Valley, Selangor, Malaysia. Finory is built with love by Malaysian for Malaysians
Is it Free?
Yes. It is absolutely free to use. Our vision is to become the must-have mobile finance app for ASEAN customers and for that Finory will always be free to use.
What if I have more enquiries?
You can always reach us at or Whatsapp us at +6017-8844 255

Best of all? it's free.

Then how do we make money? At the moment, we are not focused on monetisation, But in future, Finory will recommend In-App financial product to monetise.

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