A Smart And Automated Personal Finance App

The search for a personal finance app that is suitable for Malaysians is over. This is the last app that you will need for money management!

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Your finances in one place

From credit cards, debit/bank accounts and eWallet, personal finances can be tricky. Finory's mission is to make it simple to manage everything from one place.


Maximize Your Cashback

Key in your spending and the app will automatically calculate the est. cashback. Easily know when to switch cards when the cashback is capped.


Easily track expense data

Unlike other finance apps, we're all about categorizing your financial data into meaningful and easily comprehensible charts automatically. We won't leave you guessing.


Cashflow Forecast

With Finory Cashflow, you can plan better for your upcoming expenses as Finory lets you see your recurring expenses as well as projected cash flow.


Manage Your Budget

Set a practical monthly budget and control your spending with granular details. Just upload or snap your spending receipt and Finory will automatically process your data.


Payment Reminder

Forget about "forgetting to pay" credit card due any more, you get to wait "till the last moment" and still avoid paying late fees.


Credit Card Manager

Manage all your credit cards in one place. See the due amount and due date.


And A Lots More Features

Automatically categorize your transactions, cashflow prediction, recurring expenses, receipt scanner, identify tax deductible transactions and more.

Get Started Within Minutes

Step 1 : Add your accounts

Key in the PDF password, and copy the designated Finory email.

Step 2 : Forward your statement

Send your statement via email to the designated Finory email.

Step 3 : You're all set

Now see your financial data, and auto-labelled transaction category in the app.

Keeping your data safe is our priority.

We continuously invest in security upgrades, and we protect your data and privacy like our business depends on it - because it does.

We don’t sell your data

Finory is committed to Malaysia PDPA laws. We never have and we never will sell your data to businesses or third parties.

Finory is secure and safe

We are local as you

We don't store any PII of user

Finory doesn't store or parse any Personal Identifiable Information like full name, address and full card number.

We are a Malaysian based company, registered with SSM. This is a legit business, and we are also invested by Malaysia VC and Angels.

Our cloud architecture follows the modern trend and all data is stored securely in Google Cloud Infrastructure.

How will Finory benefit you

Financial Clarity

Save More Money

Prevent Overspending

All your expenses from various sources are in one place, processed for easy understanding.

Identifies your non essential spending, avoid credit card late payments and maximize your cashback.

Understand your spending behaviour, all your recurring expenses and forecast your future cashflow.